How to manage and organize your accommodation providers on EdCommerce

Learn how to manage and organize your accommodation options on EdCommerce.

With EdCommerce, you have full control over the accommodation options that appear alongside your educational programs.

You can:

This flexibility ensures you're presenting the most suitable accommodation choices for each specific program, enhancing your students' experience.

To access the accommodation settings, just hit the button to edit your EdCommerce site, then head over to settings > accommodations.

Add your own accommodation providers (as an agency)

You'll find the list of your own accommodation providers. 💡This list is imported from your Edvisor account. 

To customize the accommodation associated with each education provider or program, hover your mouse over each accommodation > then click on the three-dot icon > and select "Assign Provider."

Simply flip the toggle on or off for each educator and create your custom list.

Showcase the accommodation from your Education Providers

You can also control whether to show or hide your provider’s accommodations and which of their accommodation options you'd like to offer. 

💡 If you are an educator using EdCommerce, follow this instructions too. 

Within the same section (settings > accommodations) you'll see the option "Show provider accommodations":

  • If you flip the toggle on (it'll turn blue like in the picture below), EdCommerce will start showing all the accommodation options from your partner educators. 
  • If you flip it off (it'll turn grey), EdCommerce will hide all the accommodation options from your educators, leaving only your own custom accommodation as an option.

Manage the accommodation offered by your education partners

Looking to control which accommodation options from your partner schools are available? It's simple. Here's how:
  • Navigate to the 'Providers' section by going to Settings > Providers.
  • Locate the provider you wish to edit and click on the 3-dot icon next to their name > choose 'Edit Accommodations.'
  • You'll see a list of accommodation options provided by the school or institution. Easily toggle each option on or off to make them available or unavailable.

If no accommodation options appear, it means the provider doesn't offer any accommodations.

With these steps, you can fine-tune what you offer, ensuring you're always providing the best accommodation options for your students.